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Give the gift of Beer this Christmas

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Beer gifts for Christmas get a bad rap.

In the past, giving beer for Christmas usually involved a last-minute trip to the bottle-o, grabbing a carton of whatever was left, hastily wrapping it, then handing it over to a less-than-impressed relative. Because of this, the idea of giving beer for Christmas was frowned upon as being a bit lazy.

We are here to tell you that today, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Advent Calendar You Always Wanted This Christmas

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Advent Calendars - few things stir up childhood Christmas memories quite like them!

Come the last week of November, pretty much every Aussie boy and girl keeps a close eye on the supermarket shopping, watching for that large rectangular cardboard package filled with chocolatey joy.

Beer & Brewer - we're taking over!

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We're taking over the Beer & Brewer website!

In August, you will notice a distinctly Brewtopia flavour when you head to Beer & Brewer. We'll be marching in, setting up, and sticking around for a month!

Personalised Beer for Father's Day 2018

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and what could Dad want more than his own brand of beer?

Wedding Drinks - Should You BYO?

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Wedding drinks packages are not what they used to be!

Branded drinks - the best business gifts

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Branded drinks are good for business, whether you’re in the beverage game or not.

When a business has its own brand of drinks, it speaks of professionalism, quality, and dedication. It shows commitment to the brand and a willingness to go the extra mile in customer service.

Father's Day 2017 - Personalised Beer Will Make It Special

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Father’s Day is not far away! If you’re struggling for gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Buy Beer Online - Is It Safe?

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Have you ever wanted to buy beer online, but been nervous to do so?

How to place your order with Brewtopia

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We get a lot of questions about how to place your order on the Brewtopia store website. And we understand – there’s a lot involved, and you need to get it right!

Beer Is Good For You - 7 Reasons to Enjoy a Brew

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Beer lovers of the world, rejoice! Beer is good for you!

We’re not just talking anecdotes here, either. Many scientific and medical studies have confirmed several health benefits of beer.